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First Impressions: Seiko Spirit SARB070

Apologies, this post is wayyy overdue, I picked this little disfigured beauty up in July last year - like I said, wayyy overdue. We all love a SARB don't we, whether it's the mountain braving Alpinist SARB017 and its brethren, or this bunch of sexy slick Spirit'd SARB bastards. How about the Seiko Spirit SARB070, aka the Seventy.

There's no denying the allure of a Spirit SARB, let's do an anagram, I'm sure someone has done this already, but I haven't seen it anywhere - let's give it a go;

Seikos Actual Real Best

Seikos Amazingly Reliable Badboys

Sexy And Raunchy Beauties

Some Astonishingly Remarkable Bastards

Switzerland Are Really Behind

I like the last two, I'm clever I know.

There are several Spirit SARBs that are lovely and beautiful and amazing, click here for my SARB035 review with info on some of these. The 037, 038, 072 and 073 are rarer and more desirable, but I reallyyyy like the Seventy.


A family of beauties, like the Kardashians...

Why do I call it disfigured, as you can see from the stock photos, the Seventy (first pic) should have a gold coloured bezel, but mine doesn't. It may have been polished away, or my watch could be a Frankenstein type situation, a monstrosity put together by a backstreet Japanese hack job specialist, but hopefully not. Frankly, I think I like it better without the gold bezel, but I would say that wouldn't I.

I bought this on eBay and was aware of the bezel situation but the deal was decent, for a Spirit SARB I mean, £350ish I think. It came on a black strap but that wasn't working. This two-tone-ish brown stitched number looks fabulous. The gold hands, hour markers and accents set this off so nicely, a splash of flash on one of the most well balanced and beautifully designed watches ever made, you heard me. The dial has a champagne tone and sunburst effect, in concert with the gold catching the light, it is a delight to check the time.

Considering its siblings 037, 072, and 073 can fetch between £700-£2000 depending on condition I happy to have been able to snag this one. It really is a class act, while I love my SARB035 on the bracelet, that's a versatile customer, day or night on a strap too, it's great. The Seventy though is a sophisticated affair with a dash of panache, and offers a bit more depth.

If I win the lottery the first thing I'm buying is all the Spirit SARBs I can get my hands on, I think I've said that before but I stand by it, they are Some Astonishingly Remarkable Bastards.

Yours Champagne shinily,


P.S. This is a short but sweet one, my university course and various other things are keeping me busy but hopefully soon I will be freer to spend more time with my timepieces. I have so many posts in the drafts list, including a search for black watches, my collection is sorely missing one. And on that note, a state of the collection is so overdue it will be eating its way out of the womb pretty soon.

Thanks for reading!


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