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About The Theowrist.

So, about me, I've been a watch guy for a while, but only really got involved in the scene, learning and culture in 2018, since then my interest has ebbed and flowed, so there's still a lot to learn. One of the joys of this watch game is just that, how much there is to learn, the space vast. My dad had a few decent watches which I took on but didn't really get into it as a hobby until recently, though I bought my first serious timepiece in 2016, it was more of a status thing as I was working in finance in London (nothing major but doing just fine). I don't know how I got there, or here, but am grateful to have the opportunity to wear some superb watches, help some people and do the things I enjoy doing. I am dedicated to lifelong learning, and am really enjoying rekindling this horological part of the journey.  


I like watches for a number of reasons, they encompass many facets of life and inspire in various ways, from the sentimental, historical, mechanical, design and functional side, to symbols of wealth, status and style. They are masterful storytellers. There is a lot going on in these little wonders, and for those of us who wear our hearts on our wrists the learning journey is vast, fun and interesting. But for me there is a dark side, an obsessive and destructive shadow that really has me wanting to throw all my spare cash at my wrist, so I have to take care. I like thinking on the page and this process really helps me figure things out, so I hope it helps me and maybe peaks the interest of a watch fan or two as well.


I have been looking for a way to wrangle my creative powers and watches seem to have brought into focus my desire to be creative in both photography and writing. Instagram has given me a platform to encourage my creative mindset, having to think of new ideas, and being inspired by the passion of those who share the joy of time and watches. I've found it's been a real release to just put things out there, let them go and let new ideas flow in. 

So now I'm the Theowrist, putting the horror in horological, whilst also trying to find the logical in horological. Many more poor puns to come.


Thanks for taking the time.


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