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What's in my basket | Aliexpress edition

I just thought of a new idea for posts, much creative, so much creative am I. You have likely guessed what the gist of the idea is... the clue is in the name. As you might know, my favourite brand and watch brand name is (not) Lobinni. I wasn't planning to add any watches to any baskets any time soon, but on writing the last post I had to refer to Aliexpress, which led to a little browse as you do. Here are the two or so watches that ended up in my basket leading to chaser emails from Aliexpress, they think I forgot something, nice try!

That's a great idea but what about for great name, per the advert;

2022 LOBINNI Luxury Watch For Men Automatic Mechanical Miyata 8217 Waterproof 50M Sports Square Wrist Watches Brand reloj hombre

Img: Aliexpress/Lobinni

Yea so, that's a description and SEO type thingy but officially this is a Lobinni 16070, with Miyota (not Miyata...) 8217 automatic movement.

It's got a nice "meteorite" detail, so they say, and I love the angles on the case, it's built like the other Lobinni offerings it should be a sturdy old piece. Problem is it's not <£100 it's coming in at £326 after some of those funny but always welcome Aliexpress discounts. I'm not supposed to be buying any other watches. While I like it, it's fancy and has a lot going for it, it hasn't quite got me. If it was circa £150 it would probably be on the way from China to the UK.

And now for something a little different.

WARNING - not suitable for children and may be frowned upon at work depending how cool your boss is...

OUPAI 2022 New Arrival Renaissance Design Enamel Dial Art Automatic Watch Ultra Thin Leather Strap Fashion Watch Waterproof

How about these enamel offerings from Chinese brand Oupai? Enamel, yes. Arty, yes. Erotic, oh yes. They give an alternative to a divers watch, an additional dynamic, a muff diver, if you will. A joke in poor taste, these are set in Australia maybe, great white, down under...if you know what I'm saying. Thank you, I'm here all night.

Imgs: Oupai/Aliexpress

Anyway, let's put my terrible jokes aside. There are six sexy dials to choose from, these two are my favourites, and yes, they are the most explicit, if you're in then you might as well go all in. Go and have a gander, see which one tickles your fancy. They are a limited edition run by the look of it, with under 10 of each available at the time of writing. It's definitely noice to see something different, a bit of fantasy island during my dull days at the desk. I'm not sure if they are inspired by any fairy tales - if they are I'd like to know which ones. Oh, the price, they come in between £247 - £277, but there are no reviews so can't be sure if they're any good.

So, those two are in my Aliexpress basket, but I don't think I'll be pulling the trigger on either of them. I just can' justify the cost at the moment, will need to be something special (and cheap) to get me to part ways with cash at present. These are hard times for many, I hope you're all doing ok, well enough to be able to consider buying a watch with a mermaid eating out an innocent babe who just went for a dip and got more than she bargained for. In these lean times, that's all we can hope for I guess.

Your Erotically,



Check them out yourselves at Aliexpress, if you're buying one, get me one too.

Lobinni 16070

Oupai Renaissance

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