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The Death of 2022 - part 1 | My top 3 purchases

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

This year, my year, can be summarised by the phrase, 'big on ideas, short on time'. Twenty twenty two. Spelling it out like that is weird and also quite satisfying. Generally the year has been very productive, busy, challenging and interesting. House sales, moves and renovation (ongoing) for me and family - annoying, stressful and cathartic. Intense studies at Masters/post grad level (ongoing) - time-consuming, interesting and annoying. Getting back on the watch wagon in August after a 4 month hiatus, adding work to my busy business, but also bringing joy. I'm enjoying it, and have been reasonably consistent, it's ongoing. And not just that, it's growing, with an (almost) proper video posted on YouTube this week. Watches for the wealth of watchers wondering about which watch to wish for, whether wealthy or with wallets wanting - watches for one and all. YouTube is the place for that kind of thing, you get what I'm wordsmithing. I hope I can keep it up, I really enjoy making videos, but have to find the balance and time to do both. I'll figure it out, I hope.

I am a down to earth, grateful, egocentric, humble douchebag.

Anyway, enough waffling. I really love this years fave purchases, as they sum up my whole watch philosophy neatly wrapped and topped with a big bow. All three were great deals but one wasn't cheap, no surprise there The joy many of us get from our watch journeys focus on bargains, those are covered here. The snobs are rebuffed and proven wrong, I will fight to the death those who attempt to talk trash about my 'cheap' Asian watches. Conversely, the snob in me validated by my baby grail purchase, my ego is boosted, I got my douchebag badge and I love it. China, Japan and Switzerland are represented, diversity and inclusion my friends, we all about it. These three watches reflect me, I am a down to earth, grateful, egocentric, humble douchebag.

The Contrarian | LOBINNI 1888

Lobinni, also wins the stupidest brand name of the year award but that makes the watch even better. It defies it's own name, like Rich Nephew, the US Coordinator for Global Anti-Corruption - I'm not sure if his uncle got him the job. The Lobinni posts have been the most popular this year, and understandably so. The Hangzhou movement is a peach, it's worth buying even if you don't like the watch, and never wear it. You'll still want to take that micro-rotor for a spin. Purchased in January 2022 for £151, currently circa £200 on Aliexpress. For more on the LoHang click here.

The Overachiever | SEIKO SNXS73

Seiko, the mega-behemoth of the watch world, has always brought joy, but the Snax was a lovely surprise. An impromptu, bargain pick up, I think I have worn this watch the most of all since I picked it up in August. It goes with anything, super versatile, looks great and punches way above its weight class. Just get a replacement bracelet ready. A full review to follow next month. Purchased in August 2022 for £106 from Watch Nation, currently circa £125 all over the place. For a bit more on on the snax click here


The Zenith Synopsis, a baby grail but a grail nevertheless. It's about what the watch means to you, not the cost or perception. So, a hell of a moment for me, I now own a Zenith watch. It means a few things, a grail purchase, I understand that it is a material possession, but I also know that it is also more than that. It signifies quality and achieving a goal, it serves to inspire my writing, further my interest in horology and flex hard when required. It's a superbly designed timepiece, with a cracking in-house movement and validates the idea that sometimes, it's ok and nice to have nice things. Purchased pre-loved in September 2022 for <£2999 from Watches of Mayfair with box and papers - currently none obviously for sale in the UK on Chrono24 or eBay. Asking prices currently between £3500-£4500 in Japan, France and Italy (for the black dial). A full review to follow next month, hopefully a video too. I might have to put University on the back burner.

At this point, I stop and I smile, taking a second to reflect. On the watches but also thinking about writing, I really enjoy it when I get the time and am so grateful that people have been coming to the site and reading, enjoying and finding my waffling entertaining or useful in their own horological journeys. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time. I mean it, from the top of my wrist to the bottom of my heart. Hope you get what you want for Christmas and have a happy holiday period.

Yours Gratefully,




Aliexpress - Lobinni 1888

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