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Seiko Spirit SARB035 - First Impressions.

I know, I know, I'm many years late to the party. I'm not sure what finally convinced me to pull the trigger on this purchase, it could have been a particular photo on Instagram, a video on Youtube, lockdown fever, watchmebuyitis (common after buying one watch you have to buy another - it's chronic), or the sexy voice guy from watchfinder (he didn't review a SARB, but he doesn't have to does he), I imagine it's a combination of things. It's well regarded for a reason, and it looked great in many photos but I hadn't been overly impressed, hence why I hadn't considered it before. But there had to be something to this Seiko Spirit, it has won hearts around the globe, and guaranteed a break-even or a nice return on investment (RoI) on eBay. I think when it comes to watches, it's not ROI we need to look at but RoE, Return on Experience. Obviously investing in watches shouldn't be seen as an exact alternative to regular investments like stocks and bonds, but for certain watches there can of course be both RoE and RoI. Anyway enough of that for now though I definitely want to explore this avenue further but back to the dainty little number.

Seiko SARB035
Sleek, crisp lines and attention to detail.

This is a first impression post, I haven't even resized the bracelet to go on my sub 7" wrist. It's kind of too pretty to wear at the moment as I lounge around the house or partake in work related calls donned in t-shirt and shorts. I get the feeling though that once I do resize and wear it once, other watches will see their wrist time reduced. The watch being named the Seiko Spirit is no mistake (sure I'm not the first to mention this) but it embodies everything Seiko is best at, namely creating special watches, that spark joy and contentment like no other brand is capable, and it does that, importantly, without sparking a financial crisis.

Seiko SARB035, making people swoon for years.

Getting to the point, all I can say is that the hype is deserved and it was actually better, more charming, than I expected it to be. It's not too small (38mm), quite simple and elegant but at the same time looks solid and feels robust. It's the detail, that's the thing, the finish on the steel, the hour markers, the hands, and lume is especially delicate, all superbly designed features fused to perfection. Everything looks great and that creamy dial that I wasn't sure about on the pictures, is the essence of its versatility, as the internet shows just how many straps it looks flawless on. We get a clear case back which adds to the charm though it's all pretty standard fair back there. Regardless, we are here for the front, the absolute shameless perfection that Seiko seem to once in a while be able to produce and capture hearts and fans, new and old. It is extremely photogenic as well, I love seeing other people's photos too, most owners seem smitten with this watch, and it's quite frankly only logical.

I'll have to do an update/review shortly, but I think it's pretty obvious how that will look. It will give me an excuse to take more photos of this stunning watch though so it's all good. I look forward to shooting it, wearing it, getting to know it, seeing how it will fit on my wrist, and into my watchlife.



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