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Second Impressions | Tudor Black Bay Red Bezel +

I got the call. It wasn't the call for the Sky Dweller, it was the call for the Jubilee bracelet for the Red Bezel Black Bay - though you probably guessed that from the title...

It's only been two weeks since the Lady AD put the order in, she was surprised that it was delivered so quickly. It's probably because Tudor knew it was for me, Alvin The Theowrist. Or maybe they just wanted to make a quick bit of cash from a filthy watch whore, that is also me.

That quick bit of cash was, in hindsight, a lot, but it was worth it. What was a M7941A1A0RU-0001 is now a M7941A1A0RU-0003, and what was the cost of this single digit change, I wish it was a single pound, it wasn't. Was it more than £200? Yes. Was it more than £500? Yes. Was it less than £1000? Thank the lords, yes. Was it eight hundred and twenty five pounds sterling? Yes it was. Does it hurt less to not see the figure in numbers? Yes it does. Could you have had a Seiko Alpinist SARB017 for that price? Yes I could have. Are you a filthy watch whore? Yes I am.

Enough of this, just look at it, the skinny wrist has never felt so special. It's better than I imagined - even though I'd seen it in the AD, it's different on the move, on the wrist. I like it a lot. It really is very nice. It's fancy but not too fancy. There are loads on Chrono24 now so it's not exactly a big deal in general, but specifically for me, it is. I wanted this watch, I went to an AD, I got almost that watch and 3 months later I have that watch. That's pretty good going considering the variables. Except I have two Tudor bracelets, so now I have to buy another 2023 Black bay, this time on a nato so I can use the regular bracelet on it. Good plan, good plan.

Do I really need a Rolex now I have this...

Yours Jubilantly,


P.S. this is the 50th post on the Theorist - yay me, and thanks to you!!

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