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First Impressions | Tudor Black Bay 'Ron' Burgundy Bezel.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Yup, I've only gone and got it, but it's not the exactly 'it' that I was thinking of - there have been a few twists. In a blog post earlier this year, January 9th, I expressed interest in the two earlier red bezel Tudor models (79220R) as watch wants for 2023. I was very keen, but as you may know, I became super busy and have only just returned to the time warp. I didn't know a new model was pending. So, when I saw the new ones, slightly more slimline, METAS certified, especially the 5 link/jubilee bracelet (M7941A1A0RU-0003 ) looking great, I thought I would elevate my game and take a visit to my not quite local AD. They had the M7941A1A0RU-0001, on the regular bracelet in stock so I got to look at it, a stunner. There was a wait list for the jubilee 0003. I resisted the immediate temptation and put my name on the waiting list. As you can tell, that burning temptation had not quite extinguished. A week later, after much Chrono24 pondering, looking at unworn 0003's with marked up prices, I got in touch to see if the 0001 was still available.

Imgs: Tudor Watches

It fortunately was, or maybe unfortunately - for my wallet. I made a call and unbeknownst to me, rocked up on a bloody Patek Phillipe Exhibition day, which I wasn't told about. A number of foreign and local big baller old boy types were swanning around. While it did tarnish my big day a little bit, it was still a great experience and I was treated well. No discounts but I received a bottle of champagne as a celebration.

Tudor Black Bay Burgundy Bezel watch on wrist

And here she is on my wrist, Red Bezel Betty, it's not burgundy is it? It's not dark enough, is it. Apparently it is, officially. And so, I christen it the Tudor BB Ron Burgundy Bezel, it certainly stays classy, so two of my great loves are combined, Tudor watches and Anchorman, I am complete. It really is a lovely watch. I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but all the curves and grooves and gold and red, it's hitting all the right spots. I'm still on the waiting list for a 0003, so let's see what happens.

Tudor Black Bay Burgundy Bezel watch on wrist

I now have two Tudors in the collection (state of the collection post or video coming soon), The Glamour day date aka Parisian and this. I have been looking at a few of other Black Bays, the sterling silver case Tudor 79010SG 925, the ceramic black case 79210CNU and the Bronze case/bracelet t79012M. I really like them all, and I like the idea of having at least three of the brand in the collection. But of course, there are so many watches out there and I have recently been eyeing up one of the pieces from Tudors sister company, yes, that little watch corp called Rolex. I haven't looked at them in a while, and I'm not a huge fan but the Oyster Perpetual 11600 has one of the most well balanced and zen dials I've ever seen. 3, 6, 9 and the crown at 12 with no date, it's near perfect.

Rolex 116000 369 Dial
Img: Chrono24

Well, let's not let Rolex interrupt my Tudor time. What if the Jubilee bracelet 0003 becomes available, what then? We can deal with that hurdle, if and when it occurs, but it should be interesting. I look forward to spending some more time with it and providing a review. I should probably do the Zenith Synopsis first and get that Chinese Tourbillon I have been rattling on about. Off to Aliexpress we go...

Tudor Black Bay Burgundy Bezel on wrist

Stay Classy Watchfam,


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