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Welcome back to the abandoned blog.

Welcome back to the abandoned blog he says, though now it's not that anymore because I am back...I didn't mean to leave it all behind, I was busy and life got in the way. You know how it is? The reasons I'm back are as follows;

- Once upon a time I told myself that when certain things are sorted out I would be back.

- I got a reminder from the web service provider to advise my domain would soon expire I haven't renewed yet though, couple of weeks to go...

- I want a Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open or a Defy and need to justify the purchase.

- My day job feels like it's time is up.

- I felt like I should be writing things.

Zenith Defy 41mm

Images: Watches of Switzerland

So, here I am, on the blog. I won't be returning to Instagram as I find it draining, so I will focus my efforts here, maybe have a dabble on Youtube.

What's new then? Other than the world is coming to an end, you know, us mere humans infected and fighting for air as the earth around is scorched and submerged. Lovely, I guess that's another reason I should go for the El Primero, before it's too late, makes sense to me. Actually what makes more sense is a hefty tool x dive watch to get me through the pending apocalypse extinction level events. Something like a solid and reliably rotund Ball watch.

Image: Ball Watch Co.

Look at that thing, unfortunately I think my wrists have lost weight, which means I can't get a Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare (Ceramic Chronograph) watch name ever, yes, yes it is. Why can't I, cos 16mm off the wrist and 53.5 lug to lug is a bit much, it will look like I've stuck a hub cap to my wrist. I still want one though.

To those who have visited, I hope you've found something you liked or that my jibber jabbering has been somewhat useful. I'm going to try not to buy any watches for a while, I have plenty to review and some ideas to share. The Sugess Moonmaster and it's family members are still on my mind. But, I don't have to buy watches to write about watches, just because I like watches doesn't mean I have to buy watches, all together now...

Just because I like watches doesn't mean I have to buy watches, all together now...

Good luck with that.


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