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Tissot PRX / TissOysterquartz - Late First Impressions.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Sorryyy, I lost track of time. If only I had a reliable watch to remind me to post regularly...

It's been a manic and hectic few months indeed, I haven't even bought a new watch since I picked up the Lobinni in Feb2022 (still an awful name). My apologies to John Lobinni who complained about my derision of his family name... haha, just kidding. Talking of silly names and now I'm back in the watch zone, I do fancy the new blue Cartier Santos de Cartier WSSA0048, quite nice indeed, but circa £7k and no display/glass caseback (I know it's Cartier). That is not on. How about another Chinese watch, watch this space. Yea right, the next post will be in a year or so...

We gone old school classic b&w

After a great Theowrist start to the year, I became busy with other things. The last post was in March 2022, that was 5 months ago, whoops, time does fly. I have just launched a new online project based on my day job and studies which has taken me away from my horological hobby. I moved house and helped family move house, and this will happen again soon because you know, pfft, meh, life ay. What a life.


So, obviously this post is late, the hype has come and gone. At the end of last year there was real buzz around this one, that integrated bracelet, that price point, that clean, classic, expensive look. The PRX is a perfectly presented and priced package. The hotness is real, and it remains in tact.

They do the automatic and the quartz, so what did I get? I went for the quartz, blasphemy. Well I didn't buy the auto as the only reason I bought the watch was the look. It was all about form, spending £300 more just for an auto function didn't really appeal to me, Powermatic is a cool name though. This hasn't happened before, it's a crisis - quartz over auto, the thought process was new, but it makes sense. I also found a steal of a deal at creation watches, £194 delivered, a grey bargain I tell you.

I am really pleased with it, it's quite frankly exceptionally good looking and sits well on the skinny wrist. It's the only one of my bracelet watches that I wear a little loose, it's a special little guy. Tissot 1853, you sons of a bitches, you really nailed it. PRseX.

But there's another thing to mention, and it combines a mollusc and another battery powered timepiece.

Oy Oy Origins

What could possibly make this already cool watch, even cooler? By highlighting the links to a special watch that it looks very much like, and with which it shares its quartziness (it's a word now). Initially, I heard mention that the newer PRX was inspired by a late 70s Tissot Seastar. Fair enough I thought, makes sense. Here it is...

img src:

And it does makes sense, doesn't it, you can see the resemblance. The newer watch is a flatter, sleaker, sexier version of this. A well considered update, I'd say.

However, per a recent revelation, I would also say that it looks a bit more like this...




img src: London Watch Show/instagram

This is a Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust ref17000, and it is fabulous. And it looks PRettyseXy, I'll stop that now. I'm not sure on the age/details of the one in the photo but per Fratello watches who did a feature on these, they were in production for 25 years or so up to the early 2000s but, relatively, not many were made. It's not too subtle a resemblance is it?

It goes straight it as one of my favourite Rollies, and as the most expensive quartz I would consider buying (if I had lots of burning money). There are a number of variations, but you can pick up a nice one for around £8000, now that would be a quartz crisis.

Tissot did a great job bringing this classic design back to life. They have a few different dials and colourways, you can't go wrong with either movement in my opinion. But now you have another reason to buy the Tissoysterquartz PRX.

Overdue Random Ramble

The Theowrist is back, as is the urge, as is inflation, uncertainty and recession.

I probably won't bother doing a full review on the PRX as it's all been said now I covered that design point. I do have to ramble bit as I just noticed the PRX baby 35mm version with an ice blue dial, I like that a lot. I'm itching to get an ice blue or a grey dial, not sure what it will be. The ice blue cocktail time was on my list for a while, but I didn't pull the trigger on it and that phase has now passed. I've been eyeing up a grey dial Seiko alpinist limited edition. Other dials that have caught my attention very recently, during hot sticky summer work nights, are the Maison Celadon Burgundy dial, and Rolex Air King with any dial. Also I just spotted an Oris Aquis on an absolute steal! Stop it.

The Theowrist is back (I will try my best), as is the urge, as is inflation, uncertainty and recession. Maybe, I should save my money in case someone needs to sell their 'Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Open' to pay their energy bills, Dear me, what a mess. It's good and bad to be back, bring on the LoHang...



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