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The Seiko Design Project @ Japan House, London.

A random midweek post here, quite random indeed... I was in London the other day, Kensington to be precise, it's nice around there. Nice and pricey. But there are some places you get into for free and can buy things, these are called shops. Others you might have to pay to get into so you can look at things, just look, not touch or buy. Then there are places that you buy stuff, but therein are things you can only look at, and there might also be things you can't buy but can touch - Japan House is one of these places. And it houses many things, alcohol, tea, cultery, gradening tools, stationary, ceramics, clothing, books and timepieces to name a few of those things, all of course, made in Japan.

Now then, I'm a fan of Japan, always have been. The contrast of old and new, philosophy, etiquette, history, technology, martial arts, weapons, warriors, movies, manga, food, tattoos, art and timepieces. I was even a salaryman for a year or so, working for a Japanese bank in the city of London, though it was only a contract it was quite the experience. I witnessed the reality of a workplace culture that was the polar opposite of what I came to see work as (I am not a company man - not yet anyway), but am grateful for that experience. It was the gateway to get me where I am today and where I was that day, last weekend, in Japan House, Kensington, London.

The Universe was doing its thing, I'd booked a restaurant in Kensington for my sisters birthday meal and it just so happened that soon after that I came across an article about a Seiko Design Project, at Japan House, which as we now know, is in Kensington, just down the road from the restaurant. So, obviously I was like, sweet then. Good one Universe. Seiko having fun is one of the best things in the horoloverse, the 'incredibly specialized watch exhibition' is just that, with the tag line 'watches that 99% of people don't need', we my friends, might fall into that 1%, and it's the only 1% I'm in unfortunately.

I was shooting behind glass so some of the shots aren't great, but there are some detailed and quite bonkers incredibly specialised watches. The pin cushion pair above seem like they might actually be useful, my mum used to sew a lot, and I think this would have been handy on the wristy!

What we have here then are some proper bonkers watches, that include a watch that is silver and black at the same time, a sun dial - cos it's original gansta, a pin cushion situation, a gift tape holder, and the most proper panda dial you have ever seen.

The above watch is, genius and, a hide and seek countdown/timer, because everyone in the world has played or will hide and (go) seek - destined to be a best seller!

And this one, well this one is a bit too mad... tis madness I tell you!

So there you have it, a bit of a different kinda post there, it was good to get out and see some mad watches, wish I had a bit more time around West London there are some proper boutiques and ADs out there where the money is. Saying that, it's even better to see the pure love of time, and how watches can intersect life and sub-cultures, and of course Japan knows how to do those!

Yours Bonkersly,




Incredibly Specialized Watch Exhibition - Official/English



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