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The Birth of 2023 | Top watch wants

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

As a wise person one said , 'watcha, watcha, watch I want, watch I want' - I'm pretty sure those were the lyrics. Happy New sun around the earth thingy, that's how it works isn't it?! Without which we wouldn't have a measurement of time and stuff. Thanks to the sun and universe. Obviously, as I'm a bonkers watch enthusiast I could have made this a top 200 wants, or a top 100 needs, I want it all, but I decided to be sensible. I'll just pop through gently a few watches or types of watches that I want to make space for in the watch box. Though as we know, it is more likely that a potential new watch box will accompany these potential new watches.

A Mean, Green Time Telling Machine

Firstly then, a watch fan cliche maybe, a bit hyped up and whatnot, maybe. But I feel like I need, like really need, a watch with a green dial. It's been a while that I've been thinking about this and it started with the Seiko Alpinist SARB017, I guess that watch has had quite the impact in terms of promoting the green face, after Hulk and Kermit. There is also the recent replacement Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121J1, a great looking alternative. Used SARB017's are a bit pricey, a decent one eBay just went for £675, and you can pick up a brand new SPB121 for £650. These are mountaineering watches, and I love mountains so if I buy one, then I can go to the mountains, with purpose, well equipped and stylish. But has the re-release hindered the desirability, hmmm.

If I had £1000 to burn I wouldn't buy a Seiko Presage Matcha SRPF41J1 because they were around £320 on release, but at circa £600 pre-owned I would very much consider a Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Series SPB169J1. it's a great everyday watch that can be dressed up or down, the dial is a dark green geometric design, and the gold seconds hand sets it off, it looks awesome. There are two in my eBay watch list right now, and I am hemming and hawing, also I am umming an ahing.

What a lovely pair. I guess I should have said it was a Seiko green dial watch I was after, though it wasn't intentional. It's a logical conclusion per Seiko's vast catalogue and bang for your buck factor. I think the sharp edge is winning in this scenario. A stunning dial and classy overall look. Of course if I had money to burn, I would veer towards Scotland over Japan, and go for an Anordain Model 1 Fume. An absolutely stunning watch, it deserves a full size photo. It's not super expensive, coming in at £2,595 + Tax, housing a Selita hand wound movement and one of the best dials on the market at the moment - also means you'll be on the the best waiting list a while.

Anordain Model 1 Green Fume // img:

The Lady in Red Bezel

If I have some money left over after splurging on the Anordain. I have to get a watch that complements the green when I'm double wristing. And that splash of red, would come on the bezel of the Tudor Black Bay 79220R, specifically, the smiley rose. This one has been on my list for a while and it was a real close call between this and the Zenith Synopsis, but the deal on the Zenith was too good to turn down. Now the Tudor is at the top of the expensive watch list. It's an absolute classic design, the Black Bay is iconic, but the red bezel on a bracelet really does it for me, and the additional of limited features that add further character is a bonus. I will have one of these by the end of 2023, hopefully way before the end.

As you can see the photo on the right is better quality but the watch on the left is the Rosie Smiler or the Smiley Rose, with the self-winding text in a smile formation and the Tudor shield is absent with a rose in place. The only problem with that watch is the unmodified (I think that's right) ETA movement which is fine, but not when it's going to cost me £2999 or so. The Straight Shield current 79230R has a the Manufacture Calibre MT5602 (COSC), a proper Tudor in-house movement, that really is quite appealing. I was in the Tudor store at the Battersea Power Station this weekend gone, and I tried on the 79230R and it was stunning, so much presence but sits nicely on the skinny wrist. It won me over, if my sister wasn't with me, I might have been cajoled into an impulse buy, it will very likely be the big watch purchase of 2023. Unless that is...

Big Money Moves

Now what if, somehow spookily, perchance by magical voodoo, I win the lottery. It would have to be all those things because I don't partake in the lottery, and as you know, you've got to be in it, to win it. But, what if? If, then, I would be after another Zenith to bolster my newfound Zenithicity. Perhaps, a Zenith Tourbillon. More? You want more Zenith? Oh yes, please Sir.

I have a few grails in my list (that page needs updating), many coming in at £100k+ but this watch is a potentially attainable one. It's firmly in Rolex territory, and the star is way ahead of the crown in my eyes. I have seen examples between £19-£23k for steel and white gold models, but there aren't many out there - which makes it even more appealing. The downside, other than the price is the size, 44mm case and 52mm lug-lug is too big for my hand to arm joint. I suppose in the time it takes to save up, I can work on those forearm curls in the gym.

Obviously there are loads more watches that I want - including but not limited to Nomos, Bell & Ross, Grand Seiko, and so on - and I often end up buying random ones that are a great deal or have immediate appeal. Each one taking chunks out of a possible grail budget but who cares, being sensible is no fun. I have been a touch reckless but I think this year I will aim for a fewer, quality purchases. Of course I will likely have a few Chinese watches thrown into the mix. In line with this new approach I guess I should look at doing a state of the collection which is now over 30 watches, one too many you say, I don't know about that. As my life is a little chaotic I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. A video is likely the best way to capture the collection so I may well just do that. The Sharp Edge on eBay is calling out to me. But Vollebak have a sale on so I might have to splurge there instead. Decisions, decisions, so many stupid decisions, but someones got to make them...

Yours Excitedly,




Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121J1

Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Green

Anordain Model 1 green fume

Tudor Black Bay 79230R Red Bezel

Zenith El Primero Tourbillon

Vollebak - what the hell is a Vollebak?

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