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Seiko SNXS73 | First Impressions.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I was saying I haven't bought a watch in a while, so went on the line and grabbed one (and then a few more - to be continued...) from eBay, the seller kindly accepting my offer and eBay providing a lovely discount. Top tip, if eBay have flash sales that only apply to some sellers, click in to the sale page and search by category and see if any watch shops are included in the sale. That's how I snagged this SNXS73 for a cool £106.25, it was up for £139.99, happy days, especially for an auto movement. There are a bunch of SNXS models (aka SNAX) in different colourways, but I was after a silver/grey dial so I went for the 73 with a silver dial.

Here is the SNXS73 next to the legendary Seiko Spirit SARB035, not the best photo to show the dial. It's 37mm, which is just a mm smaller than the Spirit, but it looks like 2mm on the wrist - it looks smaller. I think that's because of the chapter ring/track on the Spirit, and the width/crown which gives it more presence. The Spirit is one of my fave watches for proportions, and the SNXS hasn't changed my mind on that point. Maybe full comparison post to follow at some time in the near future.

The SNXS73 is a great looking watch, and especially so for the price. You get a well good looking, compact (I mean I'm not used to the smallness...yet) and well finished silver sunburst dial, day date with a metal surround and a lot of lume. The small crown at 4 o'clock is discreet and adds to the sleek look of the watch. I wasn't sure I'd like that as I like a good chunky crown, but it works, I'm open to change it seems. The bracelet, however, is an abomination, an odious contraption, it's the devils work I tell you...let's leave it at that. Many will be familiar with this situation as Seiko are known to drop a noisy, unapologetic, hair ripping bracelet on their more budget watches, can't complain too much I guess. So, buy a replacement when you buy the watch - I have one on the way. Once that has arrived I will be able to get some wrist-time/flex the SNaXS and then review the little beauty.

And that's a short but sweet post, making it three weeks in a row. Go me.


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