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Old Impressions | Spinnaker Cahill Calamar Red MCS

This is a late one, but it was initiated by a related new one that never materialised, stay with me, all will come to light, to luminescence actually. This was a proper impulse buy, I saw it and liked it a lot, and I bought it immediately. This was in part due to the price, it wasn't too wallet hurty at all at £285, with a discount, rrp being £356.

I wasn't really into the Spinnaker watches thing before seeing this one. They had good reviews and feedback, the consensus on these well-priced and well-built dive watches was pretty much unanimous but they weren't really doing anything that I wanted. Until that is, this limited edition Cahill 300 Automatic was brought to my attention. And more recently, the 50 Phantoms which I bloody missed (photos below), I saw the release/drop email (on 28/10/23) 20 minutes late and it was sold out, only to search it on eBay and find it for sale for £5600, someone has been smoking crack, it was £450 on release. If someone buys it at that price then, the seller is a genius level smarter person than I. A very cool design collaboration with studio Seconde Seconde, who have just done a Timex collab as well as numerous others. I was gutted, but I saved money so oh well...


Back to the goodness at hand though, this now sold out, Cahill 300 is a very cool and unique looking watch, and it comes with a message, quite a few long messages to be honest. All worth listening to, all important. The watch is part of the 2023 capsule collection made in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) which was released in June, I when I bought it. I'm definitely a bit slow here, though I posted an unboxing on YouTube...


It's all about the dial, more specifically the lume, that luminescent squid is awesome, I love the design and the detail. It definitely stands out from the crowd, it's a big watch at 43mm and it pops with the red tones and baby blue accents. It's a crowd pleaser, and I am part of the crowd, its madness and happiness.

I've worn this a few times and it's a fun watch, I enjoy looking at it, and charging that lume for a light show is enjoyable. I love the detail of the suckers on the tentacles and overall graphic design. This watch is a super cool limited edition addition to the collection. It would have been nice to get the 50 Phantoms too but never mind. I may have just bought a few watches that are in the same fun and whimsical limited edition bracket... watch this space.

Yours Spinningly,



Cahill Calamar Red

50 Phantoms

Seconde Seconde


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