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  • Alvin

Just a Seconde Seconde with Timex

Guess what this post is about. Weeks of waiting, being annoyed and excited, and anxious and questioning this hobby and lifestyle over and over again. Lots of boxes, now empty, where once were watches. Six siblings borne from humorous horological ideas and the Rolex zeitgeist of decades past that continues in the present day.

You get the idea, I bloody got all the bloody Timex x Seconde Seconde watches didn't I. I won't beat around the bush, here they are. My pain is your pleasure.

And I had to buy a new watch box to put them in, so they look super cool and housed in the same room as a young family should be.

Now doesn't that look nice. All that's left now is to stick them on Chrono24 for sale. Am I joking? I'm not sure yet, I doubt very much that anyone would want all of these, or that they would pay the price I will ask. I paid over the odds, I got two from Timex UK and four from Hodinkee as I didn't get to Timex UK on time during launch. Hodinkee sold out within a few hours of my orders both times.

I know what you're thinking, which one is my favourite? So I think the Pepsi is cool as the straw works really nicely with the theme. The Polar Explorer is nice a chunky and the white dial and markers looks great. But surprisingly in terms of looks, the Root Beer is my favourite, unfortunately it's the quartz variation. The colours, gold and brown are shiny and the glossy dial is fantastic. As these are my first Timexes, I wasn't aware of how amazingly good the bracelet is at removing wrist hair. It's savage.

I've tried a couple on the wrist to gauge, but I'm not going to wear them or wind them until I decide whether I'm going to sell. Until then, I'm going to to just look at them and admire them, so until then...

Yours Timexingly,



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