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First Impressions | Sugess Panda Chronograph 40mm

What on earth is going on? I thought he had a 38mm Sugess Panda already? I hear you say. Oh, but he wasn't too happy with it, per the review and the YouTube vid. I also hear you say. You are right, I wasn't entirely happy and I did mention that I might grab a 40mm one as I believed the proportions would suit the dial/watch better.

I was right. There it is, thanks to eBay for a quick deal. I snagged it for £120 pre-owned, which is pretty damn good for a mint condition mechanical hand-wound chronograph. I am immediately happy with, though the lugs are proper massive. They look like a dogs nails that need clipping.

The only thing I don't like about it is that the chronograph hand is missing the star and the 12 and 6 indices aren't arabic numerals like on the 38mm version. Everything else is winning. A versus battle blog post, a Chinese kung-fu panda battle if you will, 38mm x 40mm, is coming very soon.

This is a short and sweet post as I will go deep for the coming kung-fu battle.

Yours Kungfuingly,


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S Queme
S Queme
Jan 05

I have the luck to have repaired two old v1 or v2 models (♻️ yes, i buy them in non-working condition ♻️), they both have - the star running on the bottom of the chronograph hand ♥️ - the 12/6 indices ♥️ ... BUT it was at the sacrifice of another donor watch (since no parts sold by any retailler by now : so i have to buy non-working ones to do repair)

Quite strange they put a black chrono hand on recent models (v3 ?) ... why black ? possible to have the same silver color on v3 ?

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