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First Impressions | Lobinni 16010 ft Seagull ST3621.

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Oh dear, it was, apparently, no post November. I am a fool indeed. I had a good run going, I then bought my Zenith and spent a month admiring it, though to be honest I've hardly worn it you know, I haven't been out much. Working from a house and working on, what will eventually, hopefully, be a home, I am busy. Life is tough sometimes, I have many people bothering me but at least I don't have any children, they can be bothersome. I do have other things with heartbeats that I am fond of though, and I just found another one (crackin' segway I know right, I haven't lost it...yet).

Here we have a random buy from a few months ago that got left in the shadow of the disappointing Sugess Panda and the exquisite, marvellous, wondrous Zenith Synopsis. I'll be honest, I liked the colour scheme, and the design and the price, under £99 for a Seagull manual wind with what looked to be a very nice exhibition caseback. Now, some would say pfft, a glass caseback, a Seagull movement cannot be deemed worthy of exhibiting. To these people, I say, in a truly local to me English vernacular, they can;

- Do one you wanker

- Piss off you crackhead

- Stop being a poser and mug off

- Don't be a twat all your life.

And various other course objections to their viewpoint, which in effect are telling those people to leave my vicinity posthaste. I say beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder my friends, and I had had a few when I pulled the trigger on this one...

It's pretty nice, despite the poor photo. The slight problem is that those same people might speak ill of the quality control of Chinese watches and in this case they would be right. There are weirdly thick black lines on arm holding the balance wheel and the speed regulator/indicator thingy. This is not how it looked on the aliexpress photos. Classic me, I noticed immediately, but forgot to chase them, it's too late now. Otherwise, a lovely (if a touch noisy) manual wind movement, with some nice engraving and detail and some massive black lines.

I am not entirely disappointed though. This is another well made Lobinni. Even if it is called a Lobinni (see previous posts for my thoughts on the name). It is solid, big, robust, big, and well fashioned in steel both brushed and polished. Did I mention it was big, the lug to lug on this is about ten metres or yards or thereabouts. It ain't small, my wrists however, are. I could just about get a way with it, the L2L is looking around 52mm. See below, sitting next to the Sugess Panda at 38mm dial and 47.5mm L2L.

The colour combo, matte grey with blue seconds numerals does look good, a nod to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual perhaps. I like it overall, it is a copy/homage of a Baume &. Mercier that I once saw I think, I'll find that for the review if I do one on this, might not, the major points have been made.

Allora (I think that means 'so then' in Italian - Lobinni isn't it), a very well made, tactile, not to mention mechanical/manual wind, watch for the money, especially if you have jumbo wrists and don't mind watches with stupid names.

Yours Ginormously,



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