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First Impressions | Celadon HH Imperial Plum

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What the hell is a Celadon HH Imperial Plum? I hear several people say after reading the headline to the email they receive from me informing them of this new post, some may have said the F word, for shame. Well, if you don't know, let me tell you. Some of you may have read my post about Chinese watches (LINK) way back in January last year...

I'm about to digress, just to say last month on August 14 was the 3 year anniversary of this blog. It's been a sporadic journey and I do regret not giving it more time at times, but life has been challenging and busy over the last few years. I appreciate everyone that's visited the site, especially those who have subscribed, encouraged and supported my unhealthy obsession. I definitely want to work on growing and improving my watch life in a healthy, balanced way and continue to share it - if you'll have me - how can you not when I give you beauties like this one...

Anywayyy, in that old post I mentioned 'Maison Celadon' a small brand out of Singapore keen to showcase the craftsmanship and skills of the Chinese artisans and those nearby in East Asia. Their tagline is 'Made in China with Pride' - and quite frankly if I was involved in the production of this and their other watches, I would be proud. I was really impressed with their design language and I thought, hmm one day... Now, I am actually proud of myself for finding this pre-owned one on Chrono24. I made an offer immediately and snagged this beauty for less than £500, that is less than half price which isn't at all bad for a watch of this quality and finish. It really is quite stunning.

This white dial (blanc de Chine) one is the Imperial Plum design (that's the dial pattern) inspired by old Chinese artworks, it sits nicely at 37mm and the lug to lug runs around 45mm. It's very wearable and the lugs are long but with quite a delicate and refined design and taper. They are a millimetre away from being too big but are perfect. The dial is nothing short of exquisite, it's so well finished but I forgot to clean/wipe it down as I was rushing to get the shots before I started work - sorry about that (the review will make amends). Suffice to say, this is one of the best looking watches I have ever laid my eyes on - and I've been in a proper AD now.

Celadon Imperial Plum

It is 'Made in China with Pride' like it says on the back, and a limited edition of 50, mine is number 30. There are various colours each as beautiful as the last, I'm so impressed and this is from the Maison Celadon collection, the HH after their name stands for Haute Horlogorie (not Holy Hellfire or Happy Hardcore), and god damn, isn't it just!

Check em out at - the HH Century Cloisonne "STARRY NIGHT" is one of the best things I've never laid my eyes on.

Yours StarryEyedly,


P.S. you'll need something - a bib, a cloth, a sleeve, your partners hand - to wipe the drool from your agape blowhole as you peruse the offerings from Celadon, ya get me.


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