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First Impressions: Cartier Ronde Croisière de Cartier.

Updated: 5 days ago

Well then, well then, what do we have here? You're right it's the Ronde Croisière de Cartier, as much as I love Cartier, they need to work on their naming conventions. What they don't need to work on is the their design, they know what they're doing in that department. This watch in 40mm of pure class.

Oh before I forget, as I've been getting back in the groove I realised I missed a couple or ten watches from the watch wants, they include Ball - I just love the tritium lume, they're not shy with it either, and Bell & Ross BR-03 Diver - rugged and cool and square, and Rolex Milgauss - Green glass, black dial, lightening seconds - classically distinctive. I did however mention Cartier in that post, I was good, I had a dry January. But in February, that limited edition Cartier Tank Geneva Edition, all black everything got £1750 chopped off its price and it's still on Chrono24 - a £5250 quartz. It's a super cell driven piece, but that's still too much for a cell. I opted for auto. a hazy late night fugue I pulled the trigger, and shot myself in the foot, again.

A deal came up, one that couldn't be fully ignored by an idiot. It was in a far away land, and the first non-Aliexpress piece shipped from the East for a while. So, in a hazy late night fugue I pulled the trigger, and shot myself in the foot, again. I got this shipped from a Singapore a private seller, it's in good condition, a few scuffs on the bezel but nothing major. The deal was pretty good, so I didn't mind the tax and duty, but as yet it hasn't been added, oohwee, will I get lucky!? No, I'm not what the Irish would call lucky. But either way, it's my first Cartier, and it's marvellous. My sister saw it and went, 'ooh it's beautiful, a grown ups watch'. An interesting reaction, wasn't sure whether to be insulted or flattered.

It really is an impressive looking watch, it's a slim but has presence. The face is large and screams Cartier without question (like mine at the moment). It's the opposite to the low key Tank, but unmistakably Cartier. I saw it in the AD and took a shine to it, but didn't try it on, I might have been wooed if I had. A lot of Cartiers are quartz which is fine but I wanted my first to be an auto and this one has the bonus of an exhibition caseback which is really pretty and the detail is delicate but pure class, its quality is apparent. The blue crown nipple, aka cabochon, is pretty too. I wasn't sure about it in general as it does add to the watch as jewellery idea but it's subtle and it pops when it catches the light, and it complements the beautifully blued hands. It is quite big at 40mm, but this brings it out of the realm of the fashionable Tank into the regular watch world, there aren't many around on the second hand market but I guess they sell a few, they are retained, because they are at the lower end of the massive and complicated Cartier catalogue. I got this for around £2400 before tax, retail in the UK is £4450, I'm happy with that and wouldn't lose too much if I sold it. It's still in Cartier warranty which I need to activate.

Well then, there it is on my circa 6.25inch wrist. My first impressions of my first Cartier are that I really like it a lot, and as a fan of many things French, baguettes, brie, bordeaux, Paris, and just France in general, I feel like this is a milestone. I have become more elegant, more chic, I am oozing class right now. Oddly though it's a dress watch I feel like I can wear this with anything, today I wore Carhartt joggers and big chunky Nike tech-pack recycled jumper and it didn't look out of place. I guess that's the shabby chic look, and yes I was working from home. We have started 2024 with a bang, a blow to the bank account, but a worthy one!

Yours Elegantly,



Cartier UK


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