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First Impressions | Chinese Tourbillon by Aesop | The Chinese Tourbillon Chronicles P2

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

In the words of famous lyrical rap star ASAP Rocky, 'I love bad b*tches, that's my f*ckin problem', the bad b*tches in this case refers to Chinese tourbillon watches, that last b*tch did me over real good, that Sugess Tourbillon Master. Since her, there have been many non-tourbillons, but now, it's time for a real one, and so far, she is not rocky. She is solid, as solid as a rock, obviously. She is the Aesop Tourbillon 7021PZWW. She is Aesop not Rocky.

If you've seen the old post, the start of the 'Chinese Tourbillon Chronicles' you will know the joy and pain I felt. She just couldn't keep time, she was always late or early (I can't remember). I couldn't live like that, I had to let her go. So now, here I am again, with a new love. I'm wearing my heart on my wrist and going all in. The Aesop Tourbillon is a mysterious beast, I haven't been able to get more info on her insides, I thought that it would be a Seagull movement but it doesn't say so on Aliexpress. It says Aesop Tourbillon movement everywhere, even on the dial...(I haven't looked that hard yet).

Chinese tourbillon watch - Aesop Tourbillon
Chinese tourbillon watch

Despite my trauma and apprehension, I can say the Aesop tourbillon is working, and it looks good whilst doing so. It's a classically handsome looking watch, it's well proportioned and balanced. It doesn't try too hard like some of the Chinese tourbillon offerings out there. Aesop only make tourbillon watches which is novel, but they do go all out there too, some of their designs are a bit bonkers. This one, model number 7021PZWW is a classic dress watch, Breguet inspiring the hands and dial, not just the mechanical whirlwind. Thankfully, it didn't inspire the price which after a few choice discounts on Aliexpress came to a terrific £212 ($277), astonishingly more than half the price of the Sugess b*tch, which came in at £441($576), it's more these days.

The whirlwind is a bit smaller, not quite as impressive as the Sugess b*tch tourbillon from days gone by, but it's still a lovely sight to behold. I actually wore it for a full day on Sunday, it was a very distracting day. I kept looking at my wrist, even when I was driving which might be an issue.

Aesop is the brand name, and for once, I'm happy with this Chinese brand name. It is the name of ancient Greek storyteller and fabulist, Aesop 620–564 BCE, has many stories attributed to him that have been passed down through the generations, and into several languages, even though his existence is unconfirmed and no documents by him have survived. Numerous stories that are linked to him feature anthropomorphic animal characters. As our timepieces are all about memories and stories, they are anthropomorphic mechanical devices with hearts and hands, it's a fitting and well considered name. I just wish a few more of their designs followed this trait.

At the point of first impressions and first wear, this whirlwind has whisked me away to cloud 9, I'm happy with it. It needs a new strap and for me not to smack it into a door frame, and we'll be alright. A full review to follow, when we will continue to ask whether Chinese watches are any good. Check out Youtube for the unboxing here!

FYI - the noise is the tumble dryer not the whirlwind.

Yours Hopefully,




Movement: Original Tourbillon Movement

Frequency: 28800Hz/Hr

Energy storage: 40 hours

Travel time error: ±10 seconds/day

Mirror: Sapphire

Waterproof: 5Bar /50M/5ATM

Case material: 316L Stainless Steel

Dail diameter: 42.5mm

Case thickness: 11mm

Lug width: 22mm


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