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A quick Christmas present to me - a £43,000 Omega?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Just to clarify, I'm asking someone to buy it for me as a Christmas prezzy. I don't, may never, have £50k to spend on a watch, but if I did I would have bought this watch in a second, a flash, without a second thought, without even so much of a glimmer of a regret or a puckering of the starfish. It would be magic. I think you get the idea. I sent Santa a good few letters for this one, I was a good boy I promise.

A quick aside; Happy holidays and Merry Christmas etc to everyone, esp the few repeat visitors/subscribers, thank you and I apologise for my lack of posting. I recently started a Masters Degree, moved house, am helping family move house, and am working full time. That's enough excuses. Oh, if anyone has a bitcoin or two to spare, you could make a literal dream come true.

Image: Omega

Image: Omega

I love this watch, real love. That central tourbillion surrounded by the rosette radial guilloche dial that radiates (obviously) outwards as if the the whirlwind is causing the ripples, it's a great touch, and in stunning detail. The tourbillion takes the centre stage unapologetically, with the Omega monogram detail, it's a sixty second movement and the central chapter ring indents mark the seconds. The minute and hour hands float around the chapter ring, dainty and understated, almost as if they aren't connected to anything, just floating on the wind. I absolutely love the design and execution, the only issue with the dial is that the tourbillion isn't as visible as it usually is, for perving on, due to the monogram and seconds hand.

The case is chunky but not big at 38.7mm, it's got curves in all the right places. The crown doesn't pull out, it's the mechanical wind only, not for setting time, that setting mini-crown is on the case-back. That's the only thing missing, a glass display case-back would have been the glazed cherry on the cake (see what I did there, this watch inspires), but you can't have it all I suppose.

There is just something special about it, it's a personal preference thing, there might be too many quirks for some to like.

The one below is for sale right now, in my spiritual home town of Paris, France. Being a grail, my grail, the ltd edition is even my favourite number, No.13. If you know me, you know why - it's sentimental - even more reason to go bonkers over this particular watch, that is £10k more than the only other one on Chrono24, but that's yellow gold, not for me, even at a discount. It's crazy how much this is meant to be, but not as crazy as the cost. I'm actually considering taking out a remortgage, or maybe creating a cryptocurrency ponzi scheme. I first spotted this on Chrono 24 months ago and it's still there, waiting for me...

Image: Chrono24 / Closer Co., Ltd

It's an absolute chunky stunner, a work of art and engineering prowess in white gold.

Image: Chrono24 / Closer Co., Ltd

Here's Tim from Watchbox, giving it the absolutely articulate and creative smooth talk that it deserves, and as he says, 'you can't reason emotion, it's a feeling.'

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my new years resolution is to post twice a month at least - I guess that means I should start buying watches again, just a bit more reasonably priced than this one.


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