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Watch Problems, Ideas, Thoughts - Watch PIT

This is a bit random and I should be researching for my studies but I think a brain fart of a post is good once in a while to get things moving and think through an idea, share thoughts of where I'm at, rather than be silent. And so, the Watch PIT is is born. I'm not sure how it will work but let's give it a go.


I wasn't planning on a pre-owned Rolex after being put on the waitlist at the AD but a deal has come to light and it further peaked my interest in the master marketing, ego boosting bastards that are Rolex. So, while I have a list of watches I want - all the Seiko SARBs, Zenith El Primero Full Open, Cartier Tank, Tudor Black Ceramic, and many more - I'm also open to a random deal. A random deal, must meet some criteria, it can be;

a) cheap as chips - I will just buy it.

b) cheaper than usual and collectable - a complication I don't currently have in the collection, etc.

c) cheaper than usual and flippable - something that will hold its value or appreciate.

That is logical and makes sense to me, there is always risk in the last option but I tend to do mu research, depending on the cost. The problem here, that I have been pondering for a week hoping that in the mean time the Rolex in question will sell, is that the watch is quite expensive. It is a pre-owned Datejust 41 2023 falls into category C, which means the initial outlay adds risk to the above logic.

Rolex Datejust 41 126300


After doing some research, I was after the RRP prices of the current Rolex line up to compare and contrast and talk myself out of it. So I found the retail price for this particular model and configuration and it turns out to be £6,950. I figured I might be able to get it at retail if they accept my rather reasonable offer, it's Sub-Dial, they did last time. I could enjoy it and potentially px or sell it when the AD calls about the Sky-Dweller, mmmm, minty Sky-Dweller. I don't mind losing a few hundred for the experience depending on the watch and the timeframe kept.

I couldn't find a consolidated, up-to-date list in GBP, so I thought I could gather the prices into a spreadsheet and make it easier for me and then share it. However, there are so many variations in dial, bezel and bracelet that it would be quite the task. I figure it's not in the best interest of flippers and reseller retailers to have a source like this because they have been charging a premium, as prices come down it's a bit more relevant, well it is for me. Not feasible at this point, though a nice idea.

I used to really like this one, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 39mm grey/rhodium dial. I had one in my basket in 2019 and I didn't pull the trigger, they were around £4000 pre-owned at the time. Now they are around the £6999 mark like this one at Watches of Whitby, In the US you can get one for £5800, it the price keeps dropping, I'll have to pick one up...

Rolex OP 39 114300



So, I don't have Rolex and I didn't have a Timex until a few week ago but I only opened it yesterday, all will be revealed this week. If you've had your eye on the recent drops, you'll know what I'm on about. I got hooked and taken advantage of, it's a kind of abuse I tell you. They really know how to get to me. Limited editions, two watches dropped, turns into four and then into six, outrageous. Timex UK sells out, apparently no other UK retailer, I turn to the USA to get my fix, the Czech/Slovak watch people Hodinkee, they will save me, only I know I'm about to get stung, not by Hodinkee or Timex but by Fedex, tax and duty - the most pernicious of modern plagues, the import tax, watch Gods help me...

Anyway this is what I'm waffling on about, the Timex x Seconde Seconde collaboration.

Timex Watches

They made 500 of each, all sold out now. I may have a bought a few...

You Spinnaker me right round

I missed a drop. I got the email and didn't see it. It was seconde seconde again. It was the Spinnaker 50 Phantoms I mentioned briefly in the last post, it was originally released on 27 October and sold out. I was a bit gutted as it was a very cool design and it was a deal at around £350 (with a discount). On 4 November Spinnaker sent an email out saying they had some issues which messed up some orders of the 50 Phantoms and they were releasing another edition, blue, not limited, for delivery in March 2024, priced at $370. Now this is something that watch fans dislike terribly, when a limited edition becomes not so limited. While it isn't exactly the same, it is pretty much the same. As you do, I have been keeping an eye on eBay and one on eBay sold for EUR2100 this week. The reseller who had it up for £5600, has recently dropped the price to a bargain, £2600. I have seen some from £700-£900, which is more reasonable but annoying as I would have flipped it. I didn't bother with the blue version, I'll probably regret that as well.


Well, that leaves me in the bottom of the watch PIT, but I think it was a good exercise for me to get things off my chest and now I can move on and obsess over some other watches...

Yours Unwittingly,




Buy that Rolex Datejust 41mm 126300 here;

Then send it to me...

HODINKEE - Check out the collab here, more info and stuff, but unfortunately you won't be able to actually check out as there aren't any left.

WATCHES OF WHITBY - Rolex OP 39mm 114300

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