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First Impressions | Zenith El Primero Synopsis.

If you got the gist of the Zenith post a few weeks ago, it was a true story and the second offer was accepted. I have a watch/brand that I have wanted for years, for others it might be a daily beater, a waste of money, overpriced, uncool, etc, but to me the moment I unboxed this watch was undoubtedly one of the best and scariest of my 'watchlife'. While it was exciting, it was worrying too. Should I be spending this amount of money on a watch at this time. To be honest regardless of societal and personal circumstances, I haven't been drawn to buying expensive things or brands just for the sake of it. I had that 'phase' in my twenties and then early thirties when I first started making a reasonable wage. Now it's different, there reasons might superficially be seen as the same, ego, status, showoffishness.

A flashy addition to the watch box...

Hold on a minute, you might be saying, congrats Al, but that can't be an El Primero, it's not a chronograph. Well that's a fair point I guess, I always thought the same. If Zenith say it's an El Primero though, then it is one. It's akin to car models, you can have a range of sports cars, the make/model might be Porshari 811, which can have a different engines on offer, V8 non-turbo, V8 Turbo, V12, respectively, for instance. The variations are still known as Porshari 811's, and the same applies to the Zenith El Primero, if the chronograph 1/100 is the v12, then this non-chronograph might be the v8 version, and I am very cool with that. However, even if it wasn't called an El Primero, I would still have bought it.

While I am a fan of the chronograph, I have been putting off the purchase in lieu of finding the right 'deal' - turns out the right deal was a non-chronograph, because a couple of days after discovering the Synopsis existed, I bought one. There's something to be said for patience and deliberation, but when you know, you know. I would still think about a chronograph El Primero but now maybe a Speedmaster is more likely, so in another 10 years - once I've saved up, I'll let you know. I was very much lined up for a Tudor Black Bay Red bezel with the rose and smiley dial, but that will have to wait too.

Decisions, decisions, and boy did I do the thing. I did the thing for a couple of days. You know, the obsessive excited uncertainty thing, eBay, Chrono24, Watchfinder, A Blog to Watch, research and investigation. Is the price right, are there any known issues or concerns brought up in reviews. It is a 2015 model in pretty much mint condition, from a reputable dealer, with box and papers.

It's a three hand, no date watch, and for me this is a very versatile piece. It might be seen as a dress watch, but the bracelet gives a sportier look but it could be worn with a shirt or suit no problem. The lume is subtle but adds to the move away from dress watch. I heard a review saying there might be too many track/seconds markings on the main dial making them defunct considering it's a small seconds, but it looks great and isn't too busy at all. It's awesome to have a high-end watch, with an in-house calibre (3614, 5hz movement), incorporating silicone components and the dial exhibition window, as well as glass caseback.

The detail, the finish, the presence, case you haven't guessed, I love this watch, I haven't worn it that much but I guess I'll have to build up to it. I've worn it at my desk a few times, and I do end up staring at it, like a very loving maniac. It's a house watch for now but I'll wear it out one day soon I'm sure...

Yours Obsessively,


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